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17 Sep

I include a great game, Bananagrams , as an opportunity for word study. It was introduced to me by a colleague several years ago, and I love it! In my last post I mentioned my reasons for using math games in the classroom. Many of the same reasons apply in this area as well.

First, and most importantly is student engagement. One of my favorite features of Bananagrams is that the students are working on their own “crossword puzzle” the entire time. There is no waiting for the other students to take a turn. Students are working with their own letter tiles putting together and taking apart words.


In addition to the rules of the game lending themselves to engagement, it also provides differentiation. One child can be forming words with regular spelling patterns while another is working on more tricky words!

Also, we’ve learned how important instant feedback is to children when they are working. While the students are hard at work, I am monitoring and providing corrections when needed. If I look at the example below, I see some great work.  I also know to work with the student on ck digraphs and long a sounds.


Bananagrams isn’t an every day activity, but it is valuable and lots of fun!