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Blank Bulletin Boards

17 Aug

Why am I posting pictures of blank bulletin boards?  Well, after a decade of teaching, I’ve decided to have a classroom without a permanent, fixed word wall.  Why?  Classroom wall real estate is valuable and over the years, my students have come to use anchor charts a great deal.  These will stay blank until the students and I create the anchor charts together.

I still want the students to have constant access to those tricky, high-frequency words.  So, each table will have two portable word walls made from file folders.  I find many second graders still struggle with copying words from a point straight ahead of them.  It’s easier for them to have the words next to the writing surface.  With their own word walls right at their tables, they will have greater access to these tricky words.

Have any other teachers made this change?  It’s a big change for me!