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Race for a Quarter

26 Sep

It goes by many names, but I find the math game “Race for a Quarter” to be one of the best beginning of the year math games. I first learned this game when we had an Everyday Math adoption and a similar game is included in our Investigations Units.

This game is about so much more than counting money! On the simplest level, it can be used to assess one-to-one correspondence, counting, and coin identification. At the higher level, it reinforces equivalencies as children trade their five pennies for a nickel, two nickels for a dime, and so on. Also, they are constantly practicing their addition to keep track of their totals and practicing their subtraction as they see how far they are from 25 cents.

For a classroom, it couldn’t be simpler. A couple of dice and a handful of change is all you need!


Parents in my class, I’m happy to pass along the instructions for practice at home!